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What does it mean to be On Your Side Your Side® Certified?   2013 oys certification

Our staff is highly trained to provide you with only the best service.

We take the time to explain insurance – without the jargon.

We carefully customize each and every policy to fit our client’s unique needs.

To be considered On Your Side® Certified, our agency commits to stringent customer service training and standards and are open extended hours. As part of our customer service commitment, we provide annual On Your Side Reviews to our clients and any other consumers looking for insurance assistance.

These reviews involve looking at the client’s current situation, any recent or expected life changes, and their current insurance coverage to make sure they are properly protected and to identify whether there might be ways they can save.

Your security is our responsibility!

What is a “Mutual” insurance company?

As a client of Grove Insurance and Financial you more than likely have one or more policies with Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company.  The word “mutual” has significance.  This means that you and the rest of Nationwide’s policyholders have ownership of Nationwide Insurance.  Did you know that?

This differs from insurance companies that are owned by shareholders.  These are “stock” owned insurance companies.

One major difference between a mutual insurance company and a stock insurance company is that you do not have to own an insurance policy to be a partial owner of a stock insurance company. Acquiring ownership of a stock insurance company is as easy as placing a trade for shares of that company’s stock. On the other hand, if you want to own a portion of a mutual insurance company, you must become a policyholder.

Stock companies are obligated to focus on the wishes and desires of the shareholders, which may not always be in line with what is actually best for the consumers and policyholders of the insurance company.

Each type of company has a Board of Directors.  A stock company’s Board of Directors must answer to the shareholders for its actions and decisions. On the contrary, a mutual company’s Board of Directors represents the policyholders.  To see who the Nationwide Board of Directors are Click Here.