Proudly serving central Pennsylvania for over 25 years.

The Grove Financial Difference!

Do you remember the movie Ground Hog Day?  The one with the infamous Ned Ryerson character. Whether Ned makes you laugh or wince, or simply makes you want to run the other direction, he represents the stereotype of my chosen profession, the Insurance Agent.  You have to love him a bit because he cares so much about selling insurance.  But on the other hand he’s a consumer’s nightmare, the sales guy who won’t go away, the one who cares more about making the sale than he cares about the needs of his client.

In addition to the pushy sales person we also have the competition in the form of Flo, Cavemen, and Lizards.  What we are at the Grove Insurance Agency is real.  We take pride in being honest and professional.  And isn’t that what you want your insurance agent to be?  We strive to work individually with each of our clients to be sure they have the right protection for their situation…and every situation is different!

We will be using this blog to educate you on insurance and things you should think about as you make insurance decisions. Insurance is an important part of our lives.  Some of it is mandatory; e.g., auto and home insurance, but many others are not; e.g., life and health.  And it’s those others that are as equally important as the mandatory.

Andrew Grove

Agency Owner